This Is A Spoiler Review Of Spider-Man: Far

Broadly speaking, this 129-minute film tells the story of Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) vacation to Europe with Ned (Jacob Batalon) and his school friends. He also has one main mission which is to express his love for MJ (Zendaya) in the city of Paris. Unfortunately, the word vacation does not seem to be in the big dictionary of superheroes. His desire for a peaceful vacation is disturbed by the chaos created by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal), and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) also asks for his help to save the world. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, you can watch it on 123 movies.

However, the problem that arises here does not seem as serious as the previous Marvel films although Mysterio mentions that the chaos he caused has finally reached Avengers-level threat. For loyal fans of his comics, Quentin Beck who is the figure behind Mysterio is already known as a special effects expert.

He has the ability he uses to fight and bring down Spider-Man. His mission was successful because Peter finally easily believed him, then he would be deceived. Yes, the enemy Spider-Man in this film is a mere illusion game. Thus, the theory of multiverse that had circulated was broken.

Behind all that, Spider-Man: Far From Home was presented in a special way. Humor that was ejected from the characters became the sweetener element of this film. Some scenes also remind us of the previous Marvel movie, one of which is when Peter ran in the midst of chaos like the action of Captain America with a shield and Mjolnir.

Then if we look further, Spider-Man: Far From Home does not merely tell Peter’s actions behind his spider costume. This film became a tribute for Tony Stark after his heroic action in the film Avengers: Endgame to restore half the world’s population (called the Blip) due to Thanos’s actions. It all starts with an emotional introductory scene in memory of the superhero who sacrificed in the last two Avengers films. The image of Iron Man and Tony Stark then seems to accompany the story, remembering the pictures and illustrations often appear.

Not only that, the scene of Peter with Happy Hogan on the plane while in the Netherlands is also one of the best. Peter finally revealed his emotions and feelings towards the superhero. From there it was followed by a scene where he was so adept at using interface technology and holograms made by Stark Industries when designing his new costume that reminds us of Tony’s typical movements when he worked. Don’t forget the song which is the background music, AC / DC’s Back in Black (although Peter considers it a song from Led Zeppelin). If you have watched the film Marvel Cinematic Universe from the beginning, we are sure you can easily relate it to one of the scenes in the first Iron Man movie released in 2008.