This Is A Short Review Of Shazam!

The film ‘Shazam!’ teaches the audience at least two things: sometimes the film isn’t as good as the trailer, and too many jokes in the film are actually boring. Painful, but that’s what happened in this latest DC film release.

From the start, Shazam! has performed comedies, such as when introducing Billy Batson (Asher Angel), a 14-year-old boy from an orphanage and able to transform himself from a boy into a figure of a man with a super-strength only with a special spell, Shazam !.

Comedy also appears when the film begins to focus on Billy’s journey to get that superpower. One of them, when he interacted with his best friend, Freddy Freeman as the only person who knew Billy’s relationship with Shazam.

The film also shows the cliche reason why Billy was given the opportunity to become a superhero after meeting a witch on an occasion. Billy is a good kid.

Up to this point, Shazam! still feels comfortable thanks to the balanced variety of scenes. Both comedy, drama and action are still complementary and proportionate. At this stage, Shazam! it can even stir up the feelings of the audience. It’s a fine movie but it’s quite mediocre if it’s compared to other superhero movies.