Shazam! Is Fun But It Has Some Serious Flaws

Shazam! It’s a fun and action-packed superhero movie, and it’s suitable for today’s generation. Unfortunately, DC’s efforts to make films that feel ‘brighter’ and fun are too big to make it ‘spits up’ from its previous movies.

A fun trip watching Shazam! began to be disrupted when the DC hero has often appeared, which is then accompanied by the intensity of the joke in front of the screen.

The comedy gave by David F Sandberg’s film actually weakens the superhero element as the film’s identity. In addition, the high intensity of comedy elements leads to saturation.

That happened when Shazam fought his enemy, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong). Instead of containing an intense fight, it’s displayed a joke that destroyed the moment of a superhero fight.

Moreover, the typical joke that is displayed is too easy to guess because it only uses one method, which starts with a conversation and then gets put into a humorous dialogue, and that was done from beginning to end. It’s boring.

This disappointment confirms the notion that DC has mortgaged its identity and characteristics for money. If you don’t believe this article, then you can proof it by watching this movie right away on